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Search Engine Optimization

SEO on Google is a key issue to ensure the necessary traffic to your success. The Cuddle Marketing has proven itself with many customers.

SEO is an action within the period, the returns can vary from a few weeks to several months (results are not immediate) and must be part of a project iterative and incremental approach to reactivity compared to the first results. Anticipate and plan for this issue is the best way to ensure a sustainable future visibility with customers.

SEO support upstream (recommendations on the technologies to be avoided, drafting of specifications focused loads SEO advice on the tree and the principle of navigation, usability, internal mesh, etc …) when redesigning the website or Development its site is guaranteed to have a SEO friendly Site, optimized at launch, and allows cost savings.

Our strategy is to position yourself permanently, without trying to fool Google.

Beyond the necessary technical specifications that we implement, we support you in a visibility strategy in the long term.

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