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Did you know that eCommerce is becomming one of the biggest markets globally?

So how can your business also reap benefits from the eCommerce market? Simple, enlist the services of an eCommerce advertising agency like Cuddle Marketing. Our techies and marketing staff have years of experience under our belt. As such, we know just what strategy to employ to ensure consumers are coming to your brand first, and not your competitors’.

Want to stay ahead of the pack? Partner with us, and we’ll show you just how profitable it is to invest in eCommerce marketing.


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Create an eCommerce Marketing Strategy

Guaranteed to Beat Your Competition

eCommerce SEO is the method we use to drive traffic to your website. But similarly to the doorway of a brick-and-mortar store, your website ought to be captivating. Otherwise, customers might just opt for your competitor’s products/services.

One crucial aspect you should keep in mind is the experience that visitors will have once they visit your website. Is it easy to navigate? Can they find the information or products they’re looking for?

At Cuddle Marketing, we use the latest technology to improve customers’ web experience and make your site attractive. More specifically, we use powerful and seamless platforms like Magento and WordPress to optimize your website. And if you have a Shopify store, you’re in for a real treat as we can show you to make the most of it.

Take the Guesswork Out of eCommerce Marketing

That guarantee results.

We like working with brands that are driven and determined. For such, our team of creatives works tirelessly to help these brands realize their full potential. So far, we have collaborated with popular retailers from all over the Globe, and have helped them harness their potential and reach new heights.

With Cuddle Marketing, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll get a positive outcome from your marketing efforts. Plus, we’ll provide a solution unique to your business needs. Regardless of how ambitious or wild your goals are, we at Cuddle Marketing can help you achieve them.


Make Customers Your No.1 Priority

There’s one simple hack that we use to succeed and it works incredibly well each time. The tip is: to put the needs and interests of your customers first, before anything else. If your customers are a happy lot, it means they’ll become loyal to your brand; thus, helping you to succeed in return.

By providing individual attention to each customer and addressing their concerns, you’ll be able to create an eCommerce marketing plan that addresses them directly. Here at Cuddle Marketing, we help you understand customer behavior and share more information that helps you improve your customers’ experiences.

With our insight, you can convert any virtual shopper into a returning customer; they could even become an ambassador for your brand.

We are committed to providing the best eCommerce consultation services. We understand that once your customers are happy, then you too will be happy.


Pillars of eCommerce SEO Marketing

Data is Key

The foundation of any effective SEO strategy is data. As such, the first step in creating your eCommerce campaign ought to be gathering and evaluating data.

This is the same approach we use, that is, we collect your customers’ data and help paint a picture of how they perceive your brand. We also analyze data from competitors and the general industry you operate in. This way, we’re able to create an eCommerce SEO strategy that’s guaranteed to succeed.


Paid Advertising

Give Paid Advertising A Chance

Have you ever heard of the phrase “you have to spend money to make money”? Well, this is particularly true in marketing.

Don’t just sit back and wait until clients discover your brand. Invest in paid ads and watch how quickly they’ll drive traffic to your site. That said, you should also ensure that you’re directing customers to a functional website.

Our research team at Cuddle Marketing can perform a detailed data analysis and recommend a cost-effective method to boost your click-through rate. This way, you’ll be getting the most out of your paid advertising.


Social Media Marketing

The Power of Social Media

If you’re an online retailer, one of the best platforms to hunt for customers is Facebook. With more than 1.79 billion online users logging into their accounts every day, this platform presents a huge potential for businesses.

Our experts at Cuddle Marketing know just how they can optimize Facebook’s advertising tools to reach your target audience. With our carefully-crafted campaigns and data-driven tactics, expect new users to flock your website every day.


Case Study


PrintingPeach is Canada’s best printing company. They are a Canadian company located in the Toronto area shipping print across Canada. They are on of the best online printing service provider since 2007.


Increase in
Facebook Sales
(first month)


Increase in
Total Sales


Increase in
Website Visitors
(first week)

Digital Advertising Made Simple With Cuddle Marketing …

Unfortunately, most digital marketing companies employ a single approach to meet all their clients’ needs. But this should not be the case.

At Cuddle Marketing, we understand that your brand is unique. Thus, we will create a marketing plan tailored to address your specific concerns.


With our services, you are guaranteed of an effective digital marketing strategy. Partner with us and watch your sales go through the roof.

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